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Free downloadable mp3 and txt files.  Edited for English study.  Lesson vocabularies.

How to use these lessons:

  1. These lessons are freely downloadable in both txt and mp3 format. You may recopy them and give (or sell) them to others.
  2. When you start a new lesson, play the audio and read the text in the (parentheses) 2 or 3 times.
  3. Always repeat your response out loud.
  4. Find the meaning of all new vocabulary words.
  5. Now, play the audio and respond to the exercises without using the text.
  6. Always speak out loud and do not read the text.
  7. Because you are learning to speak fluent English, you will need to practice until your pronunciation is perfect.
  8. Read the free book Learning Spoken English from the www.FreeEnglishNow.com website.
  9. For help understanding the meaning of each lesson, read the story from a Bible written in your language.
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The Life of Jesus  (Series 1)
  Downloadable .txt files  Downloadable .mp3 files 
    #1  The Word of Life    tlj-1.txt    tlj-1.mp3 
    #2  Jesus' Birth is Announced    tlj-2.txt    tlj-2.mp3 
    #3  Jesus' Birth    tlj-3.txt    tlj-3.mp3 
    #6  Jesus Talks to a Religious Leader    tlj-6.txt    tlj-6.mp3 
  #10  Jesus Makes the Leaders Angry    tlj-10.txt    tlj-10.mp3 
  #14  The Faith of a Roman Officer    tlj-14.txt    tlj-14.mp3 
  #15  Jesus Forgives a Prostitute    tlj-15.txt    tlj-15.mp3 
  #17  Jesus Heals Many People    tlj-17.txt    tlj-17.mp3 
  #18  Jesus and His Brothers    tlj-18.txt    tlj-18.mp3 
  #19  Is Jesus From God?    tlj-19.txt    tlj-19.mp3 
  #26  Jesus Says Who He Is    tlj-26.txt    tlj-26.mp3 
  #27  Jesus Says He Will Be Killed    tlj-27.txt    tlj-27.mp3 
  #33  Jesus Again Predicts His Death    tlj-33.txt    tlj-33.mp3 
  #36  Jesus' Betrayer    tlj-36.txt    tlj-36.mp3 
  #37  Jesus Before the Leaders    tlj-37.txt    tlj-37.mp3 
  #38  Jesus' Trial   (part 1)    tlj-38.txt    tlj-38.mp3 
  #39  Jesus' Trial   (part 2)    tlj-39.txt    tlj-39.mp3 
  #40  Jesus is Killed    tlj-40.txt    tlj-40.mp3 
  #41  Jesus is Buried    tlj-41.txt    tlj-41.mp3 
  #42  Jesus Comes Back to Life    tlj-42.txt    tlj-42.mp3 
  #43  Jesus' Followers See Him Again    tlj-43.txt    tlj-43.mp3 
  #45  Jesus Returns to Heaven    tlj-45.txt    tlj-45.mp3 
  Complete The Life of Jesus  (alternate wording)   tlj-full.txt    text only (included in tlj zip files)
  Jesus' Last Week    jlw.txt    text only (included in tlj zip files)

Download complete txt and mp3 zip folders:
Series 1 Series 2 Series 3 Series 4 Series 5
tlj txt files(.zip) maj txt files(.zip) jf 1-20 txt files(.zip) jf 21-40 txt files(.zip) jf 41-59 txt files(.zip)
tlj mp3 files(.zip) maj mp3 files(.zip) jf 1-20 mp3 files(.zip) jf 21-40 mp3 files(.zip) jf 41-59 mp3 files(.zip)
  Instructions: 1. Right click link,   2. Save Target As...   3. Save to your computer,   4. Remove from zip folder to use.

More About Jesus  (Series 2)            Series 3-5 contain more audio files.
  Downloadable .txt files Downloadable .mp3 files
    #4  Jesus' Early Life   maj-4.txt   maj-4.mp3
    #5  Jesus Goes to a Wedding   maj-5.txt   maj-5.mp3
    #7  Jesus Drinks at a Well   maj-7.txt   maj-7.mp3
    #8  Jesus Heals a Leader's Son   maj-8.txt   maj-8.mp3
    #9  Jesus Heals a Lame Man   maj-9.txt   maj-9.mp3
  #11  Jesus' Speech   (part 1)   maj-11.txt   maj-11.mp3
  #12  Jesus' Speech   (part 2)   maj-12.txt   maj-12.mp3
  #13  Jesus' Speech   (part 3)   maj-13.txt   maj-13.mp3
  #16  Jesus Teaches About Purity   maj-16.txt   maj-16.mp3
  #20  Jesus Heals a Blind Man   (part 1)   maj-20.txt   maj-20.mp3
  #21  Jesus Heals a Blind Man   (part 2)   maj-21.txt   maj-21.mp3
  #22  Jesus Heals a Blind Man   (part 3)   maj-22.txt   maj-22.mp3
  #23  Jesus Heals a Blind Man   (part 4)   maj-23.txt   maj-23.mp3
  #24  Jesus Heals a Blind Man   (part 5)   maj-24.txt   maj-24.mp3
  #25  Jesus is a Shepherd   maj-25.txt   maj-25.mp3
  #28  Jesus is a House Guest    maj-28.txt    maj-28.mp3 
  #29  Jesus Heals a Man With Swollen Arms   maj-29.txt   maj-29.mp3
  #30  Jesus Gives Life to a Dead Man   (part 1)   maj-30.txt   maj-30.mp3
  #31  Jesus Gives Life to a Dead Man   (part 2)   maj-31.txt   maj-31.mp3
  #32  Jesus Gives Life to a Dead Man   (part 3)   maj-32.txt   maj-32.mp3
  #34  Jesus Drives Out the Merchants   maj-34.txt   maj-34.mp3
  #35  Love God and Your Neighbor   maj-35.txt   maj-35.mp3
  #44  Jesus' Wonderful Promise   maj-44.txt   maj-44.mp3
  Complete More About Jesus  (alternate wording)   maj-full.txt    text only (included in maj zip files)

Jesus' Followers  (Series 3)
  Downloadable .txt files Downloadable .mp3 files
    #1  The First Book   jf-1.txt   jf-1.mp3
    #2  Jesus Leaves for Heaven   jf-2.txt   jf-2.mp3
    #3  Jesus Will Return   jf-3.txt   jf-3.mp3
    #4  A Religious Festival   (part 1)   jf-4.txt   jf-4.mp3
    #5  A Religious Festival   (part 2)   jf-5.txt   jf-5.mp3
    #6  Peter's Speech   (part 1)   jf-6.txt   jf-6.mp3
    #7  Peter's Speech   (part 2)   jf-7.txt   jf-7.mp3
    #8  Peter's Speech   (part 3)   jf-8.txt   jf-8.mp3
    #9  Jesus Heals a Lame Man   (part 1)   jf-9.txt   jf-9.mp3
  #10  Jesus Heals a Lame Man   (part 2)   jf-10.txt   jf-10.mp3
  #11  Peter's Explanation   (part 1)   jf-11.txt   jf-11.mp3
  #12  Peter's Explanation   (part 2)   jf-12.txt   jf-12.mp3
  #13  Peter's Explanation   (part 3)   jf-13.txt   jf-13.mp3
  #14  Peter and John in Jail   (part 1)   jf-14.txt   jf-14.mp3
  #15  Peter and John in Jail   (part 2)   jf-15.txt   jf-15.mp3
  #16  Peter and John in Jail   (part 3)   jf-16.txt   jf-16.mp3
  #17  Before the Council   (part 1)   jf-17.txt   jf-17.mp3
  #18  Before the Council   (part 2)   jf-18.txt   jf-18.mp3
  #19  Before the Council   (part 3)   jf-19.txt   jf-19.mp3
  #20  Before the Council   (part 4)   jf-20.txt   jf-20.mp3

Jesus' Followers  (Series 4)
  Downloadable .txt files Downloadable .mp3 files
  #21  The Group Prays   (part 1)   jf-21.txt   jf-21.mp3
  #22  The Group Prays   (part 2)   jf-22.txt   jf-22.mp3
  #23  The Group Prays   (part 3)   jf-23.txt   jf-23.mp3
  #24  The Group Prays   (part 4)   jf-24.txt   jf-24.mp3
  #25  The Believers Live Together   (part 1)   jf-25.txt   jf-25.mp3
  #26  The Believers Live Together   (part 2)   jf-26.txt   jf-26.mp3
  #27  Two Try to Cheat (part 1)   jf-27.txt   jf-27.mp3
  #28  Two Try to Cheat (part 2)   jf-28.txt   jf-28.mp3
  #29  Miracles and Wonders (part 1)   jf-29.txt   jf-29.mp3
  #30  Miracles and Wonders (part 2)   jf-30.txt   jf-30.mp3
  #31  In Trouble Again (part 1)   jf-31.txt   jf-31.mp3
  #32  In Trouble Again (part 2)   jf-32.txt   jf-32.mp3
  #33  In Trouble Again (part 3)   jf-33.txt   jf-33.mp3
  #34  In Trouble Again (part 4)   jf-34.txt   jf-34.mp3
  #35  The Seven Helpers (part 1)   jf-35.txt   jf-35.mp3
  #36  The Seven Helpers (part 2)   jf-36.txt   jf-36.mp3
  #37  The Story of Stephen (part 1)   jf-37.txt   jf-37.mp3
  #38  The Story of Stephen (part 2)   jf-38.txt   jf-38.mp3
  #39  Stephen is Stoned   jf-39.txt   jf-39.mp3
  #40  Stephen Forgives   jf-40.txt   jf-40.mp3

Jesus' Followers  (Series 5)
  Downloadable .txt files Downloadable .mp3 files
  #41  The Church Suffers   jf-41.txt   jf-41.mp3
  #42  Philip Goes to Samaria (part 1)   jf-42.txt   jf-42.mp3
  #43  Philip Goes to Samaria (part 2)   jf-43.txt   jf-43.mp3
  #44  Peter and John Go to Samaria   jf-44.txt   jf-44.mp3
  #45  Simon Offers Money   jf-45.txt   jf-45.mp3
  #46  Peter is Angry   jf-46.txt   jf-46.mp3
  #47  Peter and John Return   jf-47.txt   jf-47.mp3
  #48  Philip Meets an Ethiopian   jf-48.txt   jf-48.mp3
  #49  Philip Explains the Meaning   jf-49.txt   jf-49.mp3
  #50  Philip Leaves the Ethiopian   jf-50.txt   jf-50.mp3
  #51  Saul Threatens Jesus' Followers   jf-51.txt   jf-51.mp3
  #52  Saul Meets Jesus   jf-52.txt   jf-52.mp3
  #53  Ananias is Told About Saul   jf-53.txt   jf-53.mp3
  #54  Ananias is Afraid   jf-54.txt   jf-54.mp3
  #55  Ananias Visits Saul   jf-55.txt   jf-55.mp3
  #56  Everyone is Amazed   jf-56.txt   jf-56.mp3
  #57  Saul Escapes   jf-57.txt   jf-57.mp3
  #58  Saul is Still Feared   jf-58.txt   jf-58.mp3
  #59  A Time of Peace   jf-59.txt   jf-59.mp3

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